Beef and battle

And so the bottom

of the ocean

mumbled, grumbled,



Fed upon beef

we are now


the chopping block

Hommage dedicated to Byron and the world’s oceans and coastal waters affected by eutrophication, cyanobacteria, deposits, oxygen depletion, temperature rise and cloudy visibility caused by human societies’ production and consumption of fellow planetary populations (animals).

Images Eight of hearts, deck of cards, National Portrait Gallery, Lord Byron (1788-1824), replica Thomas Phillips 1835 (orig. 1813); pr scr. Survivor Austr.; Robinson, Swe.

Foot note Citation, ”Fed upon beef”; ”beef and battle”, from Don Juan by Lord Byron, Canto II, 1819-1824

Further reading Gålmark, L., Rosewater of the Revolution: Olympe de Gouges, 2020 (Revolutionens rosenvatten: Olympe de Gouges, 2016)

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